“Can’t thank you enough for our session! It was so helpful to untie some of the knots that I have been holding onto for a long time. Any client would be lucky to work with you as I felt you have a way of connecting quickly and making people comfortable. I felt heard and cared for. Thanks for fitting me in.”

Stephanie Laidlaw

“The entire experience had a huge impact on me. I was able to see things clearly. I am able to sense and feel the guidance from my gut much better now.”

Priyanka Aggarwal

“After the session, I have never lost my temper with my close ones. Even if I feel upset, I am able to handle it in a different way”

Deepal Singh

“Natural organic process that is soooo subtle, yet, when I think about the “reporting problem” it’s like...”What problem?” I feel like a million bucks. At peace. Thank you, Sunny.”

Wendy Goldstein

“Within the first two minutes he had gotten me to realize what I had not been acknowledging and helped me release the stuck emotions I was holding onto around that. I also felt much more lighter, happier, energized, inspired and motivated to get onto all the tasks I have been procrastinating on. Thank you for shifting my mindset and helping me see all the abundance I already have. So grateful for you.”

Mehtab Khan

“I had tried to deal with my problem few times but never exactly sorted. Sunny’s approach is completely different to what I had experienced in the past. Every few minutes of our “chat” because it did not feel like a session, I had several “aha” moments. Not only did we work on my original problem but also a few others that came up during the session. I did not even know I had them. Sunny was absolutely fantastic, very intuitive, patient, supportive and very knowledgeable. He gave me all the time I needed to process my new discoveries. Thank you, Sunny. You are a treasure!”

Agata Leonard

“Amazing work!! I haven’t heard of any other method that gives results so quickly, your clients are very fortunate to find you.”

Adriane Daley

“Sunny I enjoyed working with you. I felt you were easy to talk to and I felt very comfortable with the work we did together. I felt very safe in your presence and in your ability to help me. I would definitely recommend you.”

Julie Ginns

“I feel tons lighter. My mind is clear. Feels like I just woke up. I found my direction again! Thank you so much!”

Cornelia Jacobs

“I feel incredible after our session. I slept for several hours and woke up feeling amazing! You helped me see the choices I had – what a gift! I let go of a really heavy burden today and couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you so much, Sunny”

Karen Roberts Taylor

“Sunny, I thoroughly enjoyed the process from the very first contact we had. I love your dedication. I felt looked after, heard and understood. I made some incredible and constructive conclusions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone. I am deeply grateful.”

Marta Zielinska

“If life gives you the opportunity for one “help” session from a professional, let it be Sunny! He will be last therapist you will ever need. My time with Sunny has been completely unlike any session I have ever experienced. You KNOW that he is there with you and really is paying attention to you and listening to your problem. Everything he said and did was uniquely for me. I came out of the session feeling so uplifted and felt like I moved up the self-actualization pyramid all in that one-hour session! This truly has been life-changing not only with helping me overcome my problem but also with giving me back my greater conscious and self-awareness! This man has the magic touch. He is too wise for his time. Book him before everyone finds out about him!”

Jia Yang

“The fear of making eye contact has gone for real! Thanks for all you have done. Can’t be grateful enough!”

Harish K.

“I do not feel the jittery and anxious feelings I usually get after our session. Thank you so much!”

Ruth Kamba

“Well, I did it Sunny. Made it through my first ever on-stage performance. There was no shaking, no sweating, no throwing up, no crying, no hyperventilation. I didn’t need drugs or alcohol to numb me to get me through my performance. Thank you so much. You have no idea how life-changing this experience has been and will be for me!”

Tory Simmons

“Sunny guided me to release and allow things to leave that I was holding on to. I am now trusting myself and letting things flow.”

Zeyna J

“Thank you so much for the powerful session. I do feel so empowered already!”

Clementine Amiraux

“I sat on my balcony with a cigarette in my hand, it was there, I was there, minding my own business, totally cool, calm and collected, not wanting to smoke it. It is truly amazing that you exist – thank you, Sunny!”

Ivana Vezmarovic

“I did not have the urge to smoke even while I was with my old circle for 5 days while they smoked. They are now inspired to quit. This is life changing for me. Thank you so much.”

Alexis Scipione

“Sunny is a magician. I had series of calls with him and man, the way he just simply talks to you and everything just seems to fall into place at the end, it’s amazing!

It feels like just two friends talking and feeling as if all problems have faded away, just that in this case, the problems will actually fade away!

If you think he can help you in anyway, go right ahead!”

Shikha Sherawat

“I highly recommend booking with Sunny Job. I had an amazing session with him. I was freezing in my career and now I am enjoying the action I am taking in my career.”

Courtney Edwards

“Sunny helped me recognize one of the biggest lies I’ve been reciting for so long, that I am the helpless victim of the abuse I experienced. That’s over now. I don’t believe that sh*t any longer and I’m forever grateful to him.”

Renata M. Gomide

“Sunny, you’re amazing! My fear of public speaking is gone. Thank you for freeing me!”

Jamie Holliman

“After the death of my father, I had fallen into a dark place. I felt heavy, had no hope and I could not find joy in anything. That all changed after just 1 online session with Sunny. Sunny provided a calm, safe space for me to fully express my pain, sorrow and loss, then skilfully and thoughtfully transform it so I could step out of the dark and back into the light. I woke up the next morning feeling light, feeling whole again. Full of hope and ready to live my life to the fullest. I can’t thank you enough, Sunny!”

Deborah Moore

“Sunny will listen to you like you may have never been listened to before and lead with insightful questioning – nothing lazy or formulaic. If you’re unsure whether to consult Sunny, I assure your dear reader, that you can trust your life with him”

John D. McDonald