Deepal Singh

“After the session, I have never lost my temper with my close ones. Even if I feel upset, I am able to handle it in a different way”

Priyanka Aggarwal

“The entire experience had a huge impact on me. I was able to see things clearly. I am able to sense and feel the guidance from my gut much better now.”

Harish K.

“The fear of making eye contact has gone for real! Thanks for all you have done. Can’t be grateful enough!”

Shikha Sherawat

“Sunny is a magician. I had series of calls with him and man, the way he just simply talks to you and everything just seems to fall into place at the end, it’s amazing!

It feels like just two friends talking and feeling as if all problems have faded away, just that in this case, the problems will actually fade away!

If you think he can help you in anyway, go right ahead!”