From pain to purpose, my story of healing and empowerment

Growing up in the slums of Mumbai, I witnessed first-hand the destructive power of addiction all around me. My late grandfather, passing from liver cirrhosis at a young age of 49 due to an alcohol addiction. My father, a cigarette smoker, struggled with his habit despite its impact on our family’s health and finances. My uncles, too, grappled with alcoholism, leaving a lasting impression on me during my childhood. These experiences taught me the deep and complex challenges of addiction, not only as an observer but also as a participant in my own struggles.

My journey through addiction, a pattern I only recognised after years of denial. Despite various attempts to break free, including counselling and self-help methods, it wasn’t until an impacted career, broken marriage, and a personal crisis that I truly confronted my addiction. It was then that I turned to professional help and discovered the transformative power of hypnotherapy. Through this process, I gained a profound understanding of my mind and the underlying pain driving my behaviour. This understanding was the key to my lasting change.

Discovering my calling, why I’m so passionate about helping others

My transformative experience with hypnotherapy ignited a passion to help others battling their own demons. This realisation coincided with a significant moment in my family’s history: my father’s health crisis due to smoking. It was a stark reminder of the lingering effects of addiction and solidified my resolve to make a difference.

I embarked on a journey of learning and certification, becoming a holistic life coach and a trained hypnotherapist, with credentials from the School of Modern Applied Psychology Scotland and the Conversational Hypnosis Academy in Adelaide, Australia.

In my practice, I integrate deep empathy with effective techniques to create a safe space for healing and self-discovery. My approach is tailored to each individual, understanding that every story of addiction is unique. This personalization ensures that the root causes of addictive behaviours are addressed, paving the way for profound and lasting change.

My unique approach to hypnotherapy

My philosophy is simple: understand to overcome. I believe that the key to breaking free from addictive patterns lies in comprehending the underlying reasons for these behaviours. This understanding, often hidden within the subconscious mind, is what I help my clients uncover and process.

I utilise a blend of NLP and advanced conversational hypnotherapy techniques. These methods are designed to gently guide clients through their subconscious, revealing and rewriting the narratives that have held them captive. This process is not just about breaking free from addiction; it’s about empowering individuals to reclaim their lives.

Creating a bond of trust and understanding, ensuring clients feel heard and seen.

Recognising the uniqueness of each individual’s journey and customising my approach accordingly.

Focusing on deep, sustainable change that transcends mere symptom treatment.

Voices of transformation

Hear from those who have walked this path with me. Their stories of overcoming addiction and finding new hope are not just testimonials to my work, but also powerful reminders of human resilience and potential.

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