Wendy Goldstein

“Natural organic process that is soooo subtle, yet, when I think about the “reporting problem” it’s like...”What problem?” I feel like a million bucks. At peace. Thank you, Sunny.”

Stephanie Laidlaw

“Can’t thank you enough for our session! It was so helpful to untie some of the knots that I have been holding onto for a long time. Any client would be lucky to work with you as I felt you have a way of connecting quickly and making people comfortable. I felt heard and cared for. Thanks for fitting me in.”

Karen Roberts Taylor

“I feel incredible after our session. I slept for several hours and woke up feeling amazing! You helped me see the choices I had – what a gift! I let go of a really heavy burden today and couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you so much, Sunny”

Jia Yang

“If life gives you the opportunity for one “help” session from a professional, let it be Sunny! He will be last therapist you will ever need. My time with Sunny has been completely unlike any session I have ever experienced. You KNOW that he is there with you and really is paying attention to you and listening to your problem. Everything he said and did was uniquely for me. I came out of the session feeling so uplifted and felt like I moved up the self-actualization pyramid all in that one-hour session! This truly has been life-changing not only with helping me overcome my problem but also with giving me back my greater conscious and self-awareness! This man has the magic touch. He is too wise for his time. Book him before everyone finds out about him!”

Zeyna J

“Sunny guided me to release and allow things to leave that I was holding on to. I am now trusting myself and letting things flow.”

Jamie Holliman

“Sunny, you’re amazing! My fear of public speaking is gone. Thank you for freeing me!”

Courtney Edwards

“I highly recommend booking with Sunny Job. I had an amazing session with him. I was freezing in my career and now I am enjoying the action I am taking in my career.”