Mehtab Khan

“Within the first two minutes he had gotten me to realize what I had not been acknowledging and helped me release the stuck emotions I was holding onto around that. I also felt much more lighter, happier, energized, inspired and motivated to get onto all the tasks I have been procrastinating on. Thank you for shifting my mindset and helping me see all the abundance I already have. So grateful for you.”

Tory Simmons

“Well, I did it Sunny. Made it through my first ever on-stage performance. There was no shaking, no sweating, no throwing up, no crying, no hyperventilation. I didn’t need drugs or alcohol to numb me to get me through my performance. Thank you so much. You have no idea how life-changing this experience has been and will be for me!”

Alexis Scipione

“I did not have the urge to smoke even while I was with my old circle for 5 days while they smoked. They are now inspired to quit. This is life changing for me. Thank you so much.”

Deborah Moore

“After the death of my father, I had fallen into a dark place. I felt heavy, had no hope and I could not find joy in anything. That all changed after just 1 online session with Sunny. Sunny provided a calm, safe space for me to fully express my pain, sorrow and loss, then skilfully and thoughtfully transform it so I could step out of the dark and back into the light. I woke up the next morning feeling light, feeling whole again. Full of hope and ready to live my life to the fullest. I can’t thank you enough, Sunny!”